Saturday, August 12, 2006

Greetings from our beautiful Växjö!!!

Hi you guys!!!

Yes, I AM still alive, haha. Sorry that it took me so ridiculously long to finally post something again, but better late than never, right?

I am enjoying the outstanding summer here in Växjö - okay okay, right now it is raining, but is has been really nice. Besides that I'm still doing my internship and struggeling with my lovely bachelorthesis. But I try to enjoy my last weeks in Sweden anyway - you know me ;-)

Actually I have been rather homesick this semester, especially now with everyone back in their home countries - besides Rüdi, who I still hang out with a lot. But now that it is soon time to go home (I will go by the end of August/beginning of September) I start to feel a bit sad that it will soon be over - now even for me. That's the reason why I started spending much time walking around with my camera, taking pictures of everything I became so acquainted with and grew fond of.

So I thought it would be fun to share some of those pictures with you. Maybe they will bring back some memories. Until we will make new memories together in Prague ;-)

I only started with pictures of the church and the lake, but I promise some more ;-)

I am thinking a lot about all of you these days, and I wish we could all have enjoyed this summer together. But I am happy that we had the chance to spend the time together in Seminarievägen - and I am happy that we have this lovely little blog (that I am finally using again, haha!)

So puss och kram from Växjö!


Monday, July 10, 2006

News from Portugal ;)

Hello my dear friends :)
i hope everything is ok with all :)
sorry i didn't write here before but i forgot the password...hehe
now i will put some pictures of me :D and my friends during a beach handball tournment in my hometown:) enjoy it ;)

me after making a goal :D

now a picture of my team after Portugal won the game against england :D

and now my birthday party ;)

(me with two best friends!!)

(me with my parents and sister :D)

it's everything for today :D

we need to discuss our trip to Prague so lets agree a day to talk!! what about tomorrow at 12 p.m. (portuguese time) ??

beijos from Portugal!!

miss you all so much!!

Inês :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

random news from the Midwest!

Hello friends! Isn't summer wonderful? Everything is green, the birds are singing, and David is going crazy (and Magda has a mutation?!).

I have some pictures also, this past weekend I went to Custer, Wisconsin (population 500) and attended a Sustainable Energy fair (where the population of Custer tripled in size). We talked about all the different ways to save energy and such, and here are some pictures from it...

this is me in front of a biodiesel bus, it runs on the fat from McDonalds!

All of a sudden it began to rain very very hard, and all of us were pushed into a huge barn until the severe weather passed. These are the puddles, and behind them are cows and horses.

These are the signs for the trash and recycling and all that.

Finally, for a wonderful photo of moi, here I am demonstrating my model for a class. Look at it first, and then I will explain it to you.

This model was for my Teaching English as a Foreign Language class. It is a tan version of me, and I was trying to demonstrate how learning a language is a lot like tanning--there are a lot of methods, a lot of obstacles, and a person can get burned out. And I got an A on it. YAY!

I hope things are going well for everyone, I keep thinking of the day when we are all in Prague and enjoying our time together.

take care,

What's going on!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepa !!!

Here we are again, in the middle of nowhere, where is NOWHERE?? Come on!!!! Our lovely and exciting city of Växjö!!!!!

I can see that people are quite busy and don't pay to much attention to our blog. People need to add a new post every week, otherwhise they will be nominated by me and they will not add new post if I am pissed off with them. jejej.

Everybody is asking what the fxxx happen here? (the xxx are because if I said the word completed Magda kick me :_( , don't tell her because she doesn't like went I said bad words in English, jiji).

I am lost again, where was I? wwwwwwwoooowwwwwww!!! yes, now i remember, let's continue. :D

We have been doing some activities with Rüdi, Magda and Anett but... someone else should be included, shouldn't be????? MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OOOOhhh my GOD !!! Almost I forget myself!! (I am sorry guys, I am getting crazy :P).

We have some pictures to share with everybody and let's explain them. Yeeeeeeeeepa!!!

We have Magda that has been growing up for a kind of mutation. jeje

We have Rudi really busy during the office hours, he is really busy but he was cheating for the picture. jeje

What else do we have? MMMMmmmmm... As you know I was doing aikido so here a picture with me training really hard!!!

As everybody knows I am a little child and I need help when I need to eat so my mum is not with me in Sweden and Anett needs to take care of that. :D

Magda is eating too, and Rudi.... where is Rudi??? Rudiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

And the last my friends, it is a little list of the members that were living in B300.

Don't forget that I'll always love you. :-)

David Ruiz de Azua (the crazy Spanish guy, mmmmm. I am not crazy!! jiji ).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

message 2 :)'s working...great!
Explanation of the pictures:
- Teun and Marjon :);
- Reichstag;
- Berliner Dom;
- bathroom of our hotel;
- Deutsche Wurst :).


Hey Pipool!

Here my first blog-message :). I am quite bad with computers so I hope it will be on our blog today.
First of all I would like to say that I am really looking forward to go to Prague together! It will be fantastic to meet again and to celebrate Newyears Eve!
Further I will show you some pictures of my trip to Berlin (together with Teun). We have been there for four days and it was amazing!

See you soon, pipool!

Kiss Marjon

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Greetings all!

First of all, Marjon, Happy Birthday! I hope that you had a fantastic time.

Secondly, good luck everyone on finishing papers, theses, and a semester. I can't imagine how hard it is right now for people in Vaxjo to be saying goodbye to each other, but luckily you don't need to say goodbye for a few more weeks AND it won't be goodbye.

I'm done with my finals and am relaxing in my parents' new home in Madison. They moved 4 houses down the street, and switched houses with their good friends. My parents needed a smaller place, and their friends needed a larger place for their kids. I'll be going back to Eau Claire for the summer to work, and then Nick gets back in late July so I hope to spend some time camping and hanging around with him.

I was wondering about PRAGUE...I've been looking at hostels for New years there, and they are filling up quite fast. Could we perhaps talk sometime soon via skype or MSN about it all? Nick and I are hopefully going to be buying tickets soon, so it would be nice to make sure that we're all on the same page...

I miss you all SO much. It's strange, sometimes I dream that I'm walking with you all on the streets of Vaxjo, stopping at the bakery or at ICA or walking by the lake. Enjoy the nice weather, take care.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

New appartment and a weekend in Heidelberg!

Last weekend I've been to Heidelberg to organise my appartment. It is great! I can't wait to move in in June;)
Here are some pics from my visit.

Here some friends, who are studying in Heidelberg as well.
Eating Maultaschen with salad...hmmmm...and drinking wine for lunch;)

Tina and Ilka


José (Jennys boyfriend) and Felix from Chile

Jenny and I eating ice cream on a sunny saturday;)

And this is my little kitchen/hall, where I'm gonna have nice evenings with my friends.
And I will enough space for visitors;)

This is my room with a balcony:) Will be nice in the summer;)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hello all! Here are some pictures for you, but you MUST put some of yours up ok?! Take care all, and good luck with all your classes.

The crazy world travellers!

Where the Great Wall meets the sea.

in the old part of Shanhaiguan where everything is being torn down.

This is called the Center of the Universe, it's in the Temple of Heaven. It is at this spot where your voice is supposed to be the most clear, and this man was sending text messages from it. :)

Probably my favorite part of the Forbidden City, this temple was in this huge garden which was SO refreshing to see after a lot of cement and dirt.

Nick and me in the Forbidden City. :)

The Forbidden City at night!

Pictures from my birthday!


These are all my roomies, Sean, Tenzin, Pheng, Alex, and Tyty on the bottom (the boys enjoy groping each other) and Jenn and Kim with me on top!

My cake!

These are some more of my friends with the CRAZY partay in the background. :)

These are a few of my roomies--Russ (Jenn's boyfriend, not a roommate), Jenn, Kim, and Tyler (we call him Tyty)

This is Emily and myself all wrapped up so that we won't freeze. That weekend it was below -30!

I won't forget these days!!!

Wow, this movie is amazing and it reminds me of this wonderful time we had together. It was so great and unique.
Thank you so much, Ines.
I miss you guys on this corridor. It's not the same great corridor without you.

Puss och kram